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I'm Chelsey, of Friends and Lovers Photography, a fun-loving, twenty-something, recent photog' graduate capturing life and love in my hometown of Denver, Co. The only thing I love more than love itself is being able to capture it. I can't wait to photograph you because We are going to have so much fun laughing and goofing off for the camera, (you may even forget you're getting your picture taken)! At times I may ask you to hold a pose, but thats only because you're doing something adorable. With Friends and Lovers Photography you can be rest assured I will be capturing all of the love between, in, and around you in a unique and fun style (Think rich & sweet home made 7 layer lemon love cake served on your mother's fine china). So hire me and we'll have a blast! Added bonus-----> You will absolutely love your photos :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ellie and Grady's Summer Shoot with Aunt Chelsey!

For those of you new to my work, this is Ellie and Grady! These are the two cutie pies that I nanny for. This will be my second year with this family and I couldn't ask for nicer people and better kids to work for. I think the photos will speak of their adorable personalities and fun nature but let me just state how much fun it is not only to play with these kiddos daily but get to photograph them as well. One of my favorite things about being a photographer is getting to see how people respond in front of the camera, especially kids, because trust me it can go either way. Luckily we only had a few moments of tears during this shoot ( I think you will see why,) but all and all they we such a blast (like always.)
This is what I get to go to everyday, am I lucky or what!

Notice how Ellie's kind kiss turns into torture. Poor Grady.

I can't believe he's turning two this month, I remember him
as an infant like it was yesterday.

Finally he gets his revenge!

Good job guys! Those popsicles are well deserved!

My Middle Sis And Her Crew

I got to spend some time with the fam and photograph my sister and her family up in boulder two weeks ago. Even through the heat, and it was HOT, I was able to get some smiles from my niece and nephews. It was nice to see them as always, and I can't wait until next time because we are photographing them with their chickens! Love you guys!

Natalie and Travis are expecting!

I was so excited to start photographing Natalie and her family a few weeks ago. I met them at a wedding I photographed last year and realized I knew Travis and his family from way back in the day. They have two cutie pies already and obviously one on the way, I'm so excited to be photographing baby Berry in his first year of life. They are such an adorable family and the little boys were so cute exploring and looking for bugs in the tall grass. I cant wait until our next shoot and Finally get to meet Berry. Thanks for a fun shoot guys!

Denver Photographer Photographs Denver DJ DEAN

A few weeks ago I got to shoot one of Denver's newest DJs- Dean , AKA Sys Hex. He just moved here from New York a few months ago and needed some marketing shots for a new music label he was signed to. Also, Dean is my new BFF Taylor's BF. We had fun finding some urban/ edgy spots to photograph so he could look too cool for school. haha!